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Soccer passing drills are practiced to and within a small ring of players in this “Circle Soccer” idea


P.E. & Health  



Title – Circle Soccer
By – Mary Starkweather
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 3rd


  • Development of elementary ball skills
  • Developing team work strategies


  • one ball per group of five
  • four cones


  1. Students get in groups of five using a 1-2-3-4-5 count off.
  2. Students form a small circle and try to do the following to everyone in the circle in a counter-clockwise order:
    • pass a ball
    • toss a ball
    • kick a ball
  3. They perform all three of the above activities in the following manner:
    • Do all three in the clockwise order
    • Do all three while running in place
    • Do all three while moving in a circle
    • Do all three while moving across the room
  4. If all skills are accomplished, then two teams can attempt to score a goal through cones while still passing in a circle!


    Another variation is for the teams to hold a hoop while doing all drills.

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