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In this Cookie Monster game, students practice their chasing and fleeing skills


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3  


Title – Cookie Monster
By – Serena Fleming
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-3

State and National Standards:

      NASPE Standard 2


    NJ Health & Wellness Standard 2.2A, 2.5

I. Instructional Objectives:

      Cognitive: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to describe what chasing and fleeing are, after performing the skills during class.
    Psychomotor: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to successful both chase and flee safely.

II. Materials – cones

III. Diversity

    Students who may be learning disabled will receive additional instructions if needed. All questions or concerns will be addressed.

IV. Introduction

  • Chasing = speed changes, quick movements/turns, eye hand coordination/control, eyes on target.
  • Fleeing = speed changes, quick fakes, quick movements/turns.

V. Procedure and Time

Procedure Time MIA
A. Dress Out 0 N/A
B. Roll Call/Announcements 2 M
C. Warm-up 5 IA
      1. Students will remain in squad spots facing the front of the gym.

    2. All sets of 10: Jumping jacks

    • small arm circles (forwards and backwards)
    • big arm circles (forwards and backwards)
    • toe touches
    • side to side toe touches
    • jump crosses
    • Nordic track
    • jog around area of play (let one squad at a time go)
D. Review 2 I
      1) Skill – Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision/goal. Teamwork provides safety, happiness, room for development and improvement. Also, it helps to avoid behavioral problems and build friendships.

      2) Drill/Activity – The students lay down head-to-toe in a line. At the foot of the first student is a hula hoop filled with footballs. The object is for this first person to lift a football from the hoop using his or her feet and pass it over their head to the next person in line — all while still lying down! The next person must grasp the ball with his or her feet, and again pass it to the next person down the line. Hands are not allowed to be used, except for balance.

      3) Formations/Transitions:

        X X X X X

        X X X X X

        X X X X X

        v  v  v  v  v
E. Hook/Anticipatory Set/Set Induction/New Skill/CUES:
  3 IA
      1) Introduction — Chasing and Fleeing

        Chasing is when one person is going after, moving towards to “catch” another person.

        Fleeing is when a person may be chased, they are moving away from the “chaser”

      2) Explanation & Demonstration of Skill/CUES:

        Students will be stay in squad lines. First student will sit Indian style five feet in front of the person behind them. On “Go” the first student is fleeing to the cone and the second student is chasing the first trying to tag him/her. Continue through the line, repeat

        a. Breakdown:

          i. Fleeing – speed changes, quick fakes, quick movements/turns.

          ii. Chasing – speed changes, quick movements/turns, eye-hand coordination/control, eyes on target.

          iii. Quick feet

        iv. Eyes on target/Direction

      b. Instruction on Management (Class Formation):

        Students will be split groups using squads. All students start at one end of the playing area. They will move/run down the field in a straight line to the cone. After their turn they will sit down behind the cone they have just reached and wait to go again after all students in their line have gone.
      c. Practice
5 A
F. Formations/Diagrams:

      X X X X X

      X X X X X

      X X X X X
    v  v  v  v  v
G. Transitions 1 M
      Students will gather to the center of the playing area, sit quietly and listen.
H. Strategy 1 IA
      Students will work to improve their skills of chasing and fleeing, by using quick movements and turns and altering speeds. Cookies will be fleeing, and Cookie Monsters will be chasing.
I. Rules — Safety is the most important. Wait your turn. When your Cookie is called you run out and try to reach the cookie jar. If you are tagged, you sit in the cookie jar, until the round is finished/over.

J. Game Situation10IA

      Cookie Monster – The students will be split into five groups. The groups will then decide what cookie they want to be, for example, an Oreo, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Sugar Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie, and M & M Cookie. There will be three cookie monsters, which will switch each round, trying to tag all the cookies. Students who make it past the cookie monsters to the jar will be picked to be the new cookie monster in the next round. The round will end after all cookies have been called out and all students have had a turn. All students who are tagged go to the cookie jar, after the round is over they leave the cookie jar.
X X ^
X X ^
X X ^

K. Assessment/Evaluation5IA

      At the end of class students will describe what chasing and fleeing is. They are to hand in their task sheet before leaving.

L. Closure1I
M. Dress Out0N/A

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