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Cooperative Mini-games


P.E. & Health  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Cooperative Mini-games
By – Kathryn Davenport
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 6-8
Number of Students – 24

Activity (Unit): Cooperative Learning
Lesson: Mini-Games

National Standard: 1, 5, 6, 7

NJ Core Curriculum Standard: 2.1, 2.2, 2.5

I. Instructional Objective:

      A. Psychomotor: At the end of the lesson on mini activities, the students should be able to work together to cooperatively come up with a solution to the problems given to them and work together as a group to achieve success.
      B. Cognitive: After participating in the cooperative learning unit, the student should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the activities by showing their leadership and decision making skills.
      C. Affective: After participating in the cooperative learning unit, the student should indicate their attitude concerning whether they are a leader, good decision maker or good teammate by answering questions at the end of class.
    D. Social: At the end of the lesson, the students should be on task by avoiding negative behavior, using equipment as intended and follow guideline for the unit.

II. Materials or Equipment

      1. Ball (1)


      2. Bases (4)


    3. Hula hoops (4)

III. Procedure: (time)

      A. Dressing (M4)


      B. Roll Call, Announcements/Attendance (I2)


      C. Warm up: (A10)


        T= today we are going to do a warm up activity called

Yale Lock Tag — Elbow Tag

        : The class is going to break into one or two groups depending upon class size. The group forms a circle; each student in the group grabs a partner and locks arms with them. Then two students are picked to be the chaser and the person being chased. In order for the person being chased to be “safe”, they must lock arms with someone, the person (on their other side) who is already locked with that person must unlock and then they become the one being chased. The teacher can then say “switch” and then the chaser becomes the person being chased and visa-versa. Does anyone have any questions? (Split class into groups)… Go!
        Whistle: awesome job!! Now we are going to sit by the circle and do some stretching before we begin the activity.
        Warm-ups: (A3)


        1. Sit and reach


        2. Jumping Jacks


        3. Push Ups


        4. Sit Ups


        5. Full Body Stretch


      D. Introduction: (I5)


        T= today we will be basing our lesson on cooperative learning. Does anyone know what cooperative learning is? (Answer if they don’t.) Cooperative games are to have everyone participate and help one another. These games emphasize teamwork and problem solving. Today we will be focusing on team work.


      E. Activity: (I/A15)

Barrage (triangle tag)

        : The class is split up into groups if four students. One person from the group is “it”. Threes students in the group hold hands and one of them are designated to be the one who will be chased. The one who is “it” is trying to tag that designated person, by getting around the other two team members. The other two people may protect that student by spinning or turning their triangle to keep that person from getting tagged.


      F. Activity:

Team kickball



        Class will be split up into two teams. The first team will be up to bat. The other team will be in the field. The field will be set up like a kick ball field. The team up to bat will have their first kicker kick the ball as far as they can. The team in the field then has to catch it and throw it to everyone on the team. The person who just kicked the ball must then run around his/her team until the other team has successfully passed it to everyone on the team and returned it to the pitcher. The amount of times the kicker runs around the team is the score. The kicker must go fully around the team in order to get the full point. The entire team will bat and then go into the outfield. At the end of the game the team with them most points wins…


      G. Alternate activity: (I/A)

Alaska Ball

        – the class is split into two groups. Each group lines up in a line behind one another. One group (group “a”) has a ball, beanbag, or anything the teachers chooses to use, and will throw the object as far away from the other group (group “b”) as possible. Then group “b” must go and run towards the object, line up behind one another and pass the object underneath their legs. When the last person on the line receives the object they run up to the front of the line and then throw the object away from group “a”. While group “b” is passing it through the line, the first person on group “a’s” line has to run around the line trying to circle the group as many times as possible. Once group “b” is finished, group “a” then has to do what group “b” did and visa-versa. The group who runs around “the group” the most times wins.


      H. Closure: (I3)


        Can everyone please put all the equipment away and come and sit by me… Everyone did an excellent job working together as a group, brainstorming, and teamwork… Great job everyone!!!


      I. Dress (M4)
      J. Evaluation


        A. Did I meet my class objectives?


        B. How was my class control?


        C. Is this a lifetime fitness activity?


        D. What changes should I make for the next time?


        E. Were ALL students active for the majority of the lesson?


        F. How was my voice/ projection?


        G. Was my lesson creative?


        H. Did the students have fun?


        I. Was the material age and level appropriate?


      J. Did the students un
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