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On this day at the beach activity, students will learn about body parts using hula hoops and bean bags


P.E. & Health  


PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Body Parts
By – Daniel Cornwell
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – PreK – 2

A Day at the Beach

      1. These hula hoops are going to be our beach towels, when I say “go”, pick a beach towel and MELT inside the hula hoop. (Teacher will demonstrate.)

      Teacher says “GO” and students go to a hula hoop. “Say ‘hi’ to your neighbor.”

      Now, lay on your towel (inside your hula hoop) so we can get a sun tan on our bellies!

      Now flip over to tan your back.

      Now, lets go swimming, lets step off of our beach towel (step outside hula hoop) and jump into the water (SAFETY — when we jump into water, land on feet and then lay on stomach). Now we can swim by kicking our feet and moving our arms.”
      2. Teacher will scatter bean bags around at this time. Teacher tells students not to touch bean bags.

      “FREEZE” — now let’s go back to our towels and “MELT” — How many of you want to go and find sea shells? — The bean bags are sea shells, we will pick up one shell at a time and bring them to our beach towel….Teacher demonstrates and checks for student’s understanding — How many do we pick up?”

      Freeze will end the activity
      3. “Now, we are going to feed the seagulls…Let’s pretend we are feeding the seagulls or birds, bread. Let’s throw your bread as high in the air as possible using our legs and arms.

      “FREEZE” will end the activity

      Now, let’s try balancing a beanbag on a body part…stand on your beach towel and pick out one shell, now let’s try and balance it on our shoulder (head, arm, hand, foot).

      These will be done at a stationary position on our towels.

      Now, let’s try and balance a shell on the same body parts and walk to a different beach towel…Teacher checks for understanding…, ready, “GO”.

    Teacher will end activity by saying “FREEZE.”

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