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“Dream Ring Mayhem” engages student’s accuracy with soccer ball punting, kicking, and dribbling


P.E. & Health  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Dream Ring Mayhem
By – Brandon Leftridge
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 2-4
Age – 6-9


  • Gymnasium
  • Hula-Hoops
  • Soccer or Beach Ball (depending on skill level of students)


    To engage student’s accuracy with punting and kicking


  • Students will be divided into several different teams, no more than four to a team at most.
  • There will be several hoops or dream rings laid down at one half of the gym.
  • Beginning at the foul line, students must attempt to kick or punt a soccer or beach ball into one of the several dream rings according to their skill level.
  • If the students make the kick or punt on the first try they have the opportunity to kick or punt the ball into a vertical hoop, which will be strung from the wall for extra points.
  • After each successful kick or punt into a hoop, students must step back to the next line on the gymnasium floor to kick or punt their next shot.
  • If the corresponding student on the opposing team makes the punt before the other student, they are then temporarily eliminated from the game.
  • During the time in which they are eliminated, the students must dribble a soccer ball with both feet around the court one time before being allowed back into the game.
  • Kicks are worth one point, and punts are worth three.
  • The first team to reach or surpass the number twenty-one wins the game.

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