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Puppet Role Playing/Substance Use and Abuse


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2  

   Subject: P.E.
Title: Puppet Role Playing/Substance Use and Abuse
by Phoebe M. Pruett

Purpose/Objective: To teach effective prevention strategies based on self-esteem, refusal skills, personal responsibility, decision making, positive peer support and healthy lifestyles. To instill in young people a sense of pride and confidence in their ability to be drug free.

Materials: books and pictures on substance abuse (these can be found in libraries and educational book stores), paper bags, markers, art paper, and paint.

Activities/Procedure: Real or tell a story about substance abuse for an opening activity. Most K-2 children are familiar with cigarettes, beer, and prescription drugs. Talk about when drugs help and when drugs harm.

Ask your school nurse, chemical health specialist, or a pharmacist to come in to explain about good drugs and bad drugs, good use and bad use.

Have the students make puppets out of their paper bags of boys and girls. Have them role play saying no through the puppets.

Have the students paint a picture of a healthy, happy child.

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