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Fitness Monopoly


P.E. & Health  


5, 6, 7  

By – Kim Anehall
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 5-7
Unit: Fitness (Monopoly)

Station: Gym

Materials: 2 basketballs, 1 rope, 6 hula hoops, 1 cardboard box die, 2 jump ropes, 2 soccer balls, foam cubes, 2 bean bags, 2 step up boards, 1 CD player and 1 CD.

Performance Objectives

Psychomotor Domain:

The Student Will Be Able To (TSWBAT)tag as many people as possible when crossing the gym in the aortic tag.

TSWBAT do 10 push-ups with the knees on the ground.

TSWBAT jog around the gym at least one lap, while the music is playing.

TSWBAT play a game of one on one successfully (to be on both the defensive and offensive side) during the music.

TSWBAT sit down and pull the rope in their direction using their upper body strength for at least 2×10 seconds.

TSWBAT to move to the beat of the music when they dance to the music.

TSWBAT complete 5 spins around their body with the hula hoop.

TSWBAT complete 20 crunches during the music.

TSWBAT do 10 toes, shoulder and head during the 30 seconds that the music will play.

TSWBAT do at least 5 jumps without stopping with the jump rope.

TSWBAT actively dribble the soccer ball around the cones 4 times.

TSWBAT unload and load the object between the hula hoops at least 8 times.

TSWBAT straddle stretch for 10 seconds straightforward, to the left and to the right.

TSWBAT toss the bean bags into the hula hoops at least 12 times.

TSWBAT step up on the step up board in the same pace as the beat of the music.

Cognitive Domain:

TSWBAT find their own pulse and take it for 6 seconds and then put a zero after their observed number of heart beats in order to find their heart rate.

TSWBAT know that activity raises the heart rate and that the heart rate goes down if one rests.

TSWBAT when the heart rate increases the blood flows faster through the veins and arteries.

TSWBAT figure out how to solve the problem presented in make a ring, meaning that the students will have a ring after that they have solved the problem.

Affective Domain:

TSWBAT enjoy the participation by showing their enjoyment by holding a thumb up or down, which will display the happiness of the class activity.

TSWBAT work in their own speed, which will provide an opportunity to feel personal success and enjoyment.

TSWBAT show team work, group problem solving and communication through solving the make a ring problem.

Lesson Objectives (LX)

  • LX1 – Warm up: Heart Attack: Tag game. (3 min)
  • LX2 – Find pulse (1 min)
  • LX3 – Take pulse

(Fitness Monopoly) (20 min: Play song for 15 seconds with 15 seconds break between when dice are rolled.)

LX4 – Push-Ups

LX5 – Jog around the board

LX6 – Basketball

LX7 – Sitting Tug of War

LX8 – Dance

LX9 – Hula hoops

LX10 – Crunches

LX11 – Rest & Roll the die

LX12 – Toes, shoulder and head

LX13 – Jump ropes

LX14 – Soccer (dribble)

LX15 – Loading, unloading

LX16 – Straddle Stretch

LX17 – Bean bag toss

LX18 – Step-ups

(Cool Down)

LX19 – Human Knot

LX20 – Q & A.


Heart Attack–run between base lines on basket ball court or similar.

Find and take pulse–self space.

Fitness monopoly–mark designated areas around the gym next to the wall with posters that explains the objective of each station. Students at Go station rolls dice, if no student there then teacher rolls dice.

Human Knot–Group students of classes bigger than 16 in two groups and bigger than 28 in 3 groups, and 36 in four groups. Spread them out around in the gym.

Q & A–gather students in front of you.


– Line up and run through when the taggers yell “Blood flow!”

– Reach the other side without getting tagged.

– Use index finger and the long finger across the wrist on the thumb side.

– Line up in alphabetical order beginning with the first name.

– Count of the students so they end up two in each group, if more have three in one group.

– Roll the dice and move clockwise the number of stations that the dice show.

– The dice will be rolled when the music is stopped.

– When moving between the stations, jog.

– Exercise during the music.

– Pay attention to what the dice say and count the stations that you pass.

– Reach a hand of a person that is not standing next to you in the circle.

– Try to make a circle without letting go of your partners’ hands.

– What was the purpose of the fitness monopoly?

– Is there other ways of raising the heart rate?

– How do we take our own heart rate?

– Why is it important to be active?

– Is there any similarity in the tag game clog the heart?

Most important thing is the students have fun, move, and understand the basics of cardiovascular exercise.

Good Luck!

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