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In this “Fitness Tag” game, partners chase each other through exercise zones


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Fitness Tag
By – Kelly Kasper
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 1-3


  • Cones

Set up: Separate the gym into four sections using different colored cones. Each section will be a different exercise zone.

  • Zone One ( red cones ): Each child performs twenty jumping jacks in order to pass through this zone.
  • Zone Two ( blue cones ): Each child hops on one leg back and forth over a line twenty times.
  • Zone Three ( yellow cones ): Each child hops over a ladder of lines on the floor.
  • Zone Four ( green cones ): Each child performs X jumps with both feet before passing through this zone.

    Have a sign at each zone with a picture demonstrating the action.


  • Add different exercises after the appropriate lessons are taught in class.


  • Each child chases their partner around the gym in order to tag them as “it”. If they run into a zone, they need to do the zone’s exercise before they are allowed to run away from their chaser. While one child is in one zone, it is possible for their chaser to be in a different zone.
  • Fitness Tag should be used as a quick and fun warm-up or even a cool-down exercise.

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