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“Fitness for Life” reviews the food pyramid and servings chart


P.E. & Health  



Title – Food For Fitness
By – Deja Brown
Primary Subject – PE & Health
Grade Level – 2nd

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Health Standards:

      2.1 The student understands that personal health decisions and behaviors affect health throughout the life span.

        C identify food groups and describe the effects of eating too much sugar and fat.

        D identify healthy and unhealthy food such as breakfast and snacks and fast food choices.

      G describe how a healthy diet can help protect the body against some disease.

Learning Objectives:

  • The student will be able to recite how many servings in each food group after going over food group chart.
  • The student will be able to perform proper cleaning habits before eating food after review at beginning of lesson.
  • The student will be able to complete Food for Fitness worksheet after given instructions.

List of Materials:

  • Food Pyramid
  • Servings Chart
  • Markers
  • Butcher Paper
  • Worksheet
  • Pencils

Pre-Activity Preparation:

  • Make a Food Pyramid and a Servings Chart
  • Create and make copies of a Food for Fitness worksheet.


  • Everyone stays seated in desks.
  • Call students to board when needed.

Establishing Set/Motivation /Introduction:

  • Review: What is a food pyramid?
  • Discuss: Their favorite foods and how they affect your body.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

  1. Food Pyramid Review:
    • Set up food pyramid on board.
    • Ask questions: Can anyone tell me what this is?
    • Grains section:
      • Explain how many servings and what foods are in this food group.
    • Vegetables food group:
      • Explain importance of vegetables.
      • Explain how many servings are needed each day of vegetables.
    • Fruit food group:
      • Question: is drinking a Capri Sun a good source for a fruit serving?
      • It has fruit on the carton, so why not?
    • Dairy section:
      • Explain how many servings we need each day.
      • Question: Does the dairy group only have milk in it?
      • What other food are found in the dairy group?
    • Meat section:
      • Explain different foods that are in this section such as peanut butter and eggs.
      • Question: how many servings of this do we need each day?
    • Fats & oils:
      • Name different foods that are in this section.
      • Explain how they affect your body.
  2. Put up Servings Chart on white board.
    • Go over each section.
    • Answer the question: how many servings? What to eat?
  3. Pass out worksheets.
    • Give instructions several times.
    • Go around and help students where it is needed.


  • Food for Fitness Worksheet.
  • If you order a spinach pizza at CiCi’s, are you still getting a serving of vegetables?

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