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Frizbee Softball


P.E. & Health  


2, 3, 4, 5  


Grade Level 2-5

by Jackie

Divide the class into two teams of six children or more. You need to have your gym floor marked off like a softball field with three bases and the home base. You also need some sort of goal like a small soccer goal. You will set the goal to the right of the home plate but away from the base so you can have some room in between the two. The best type of frizbee to use is the nerf frizbee. The team that is in the outfield needs to pick one child to be in front of the goal because he or she is the goal catcher for that team in the outfield. The object is for the team who is lined up in a single filed line to throw the frizbee out into the outfield and run around as many bases as possible before the outfield throws the frizbee to their catcher and then the catcher has to throw the frizbee into the goal to stop the runner on whatever base he or she is on at that time. If the runner makes it all the way around to home base then it is a point. If the catcher throws the frizbee into the goal when the runner is on third then they have to stay on third until the next thrower is up to throw. Each player on each team gets one turn up to throw and then when everyone has thrown the two teams switch positions. If someone in the outfield catches their frizbee then they are out, even if the frizbee bounces off the wall or ceiling. There is no three outs, everyone gets a turn. But remember the outfield cannot throw the frizbee into the goal, the catcher for that team must do it after the outfield throws it to him or her.

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