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There should be no other name for this fitness lesson except “pure fun”


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Fitness
By – Ryan Corcoran
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-5
# of Students – 12

State: 1-2
National: 1-2-5

Objectives: After the Teacher D&D;, the Students Will:
(includes an objective for each of the 4 domains)

  1. The students will learn different cardiovascular exercises while moving in both directions.
    Cues/Learnable Piece(s):
    • “Clockwise”
    • “Counterclockwise”
  2. The students will learn when to change exercises from the teacher’s instructions.
    Cues/Learnable Piece(s):
    • “Next”
    • “Eyes on teacher”
  3. The students will respect each other’s differences at all times throughout this fitness lesson.
    Cues/Learnable Piece(s):
    • Participation
    • Energy
  4. The students will interact with classmates in a positive manner while being observed by the teacher.
    Cues/Learnable Piece(s):
    • Checklist
    • On task

Objective Evaluation(s)
(Assessment Statement) :
The students will receive a good fitness workout while being observed by the teacher for participation and behavior.

Types of Authentic Assessment Used:

  1. (  ) Portfolio
  2. (  ) Project
  3. (  ) Homework
  4. (x) Checklist/Rubric
  5. (  ) Peer Observation
  6. (  ) Poster Creation/Game creation
  7. (  ) Game observation/Rubric focus
  8. (  ) Journal Writing
  9. (  ) Written exam
  10. (  ) Self-Evaluation
  11. (  ) Video Presentation/Evaluation
  12. (  ) Other ________________

Materials/Equipment: Nothing

EPISODE 1: Introduction
Time/Focus (MIA)
T/SS Activity
Task Description/D&D;/Safety
Tie old lesson with new/Warm-up/Sell the skill
Cues     Formation/Diagram     Evaluation

5 Min
T (teacher) – will take attendance and start warm-up
T- will ask the students to line up in a circle and run on a spot
T- will then lead some kind of stretch while doing the warm-up

  • Stretch/Fitness activities are lead by me
  • Eyes on teacher at all times

    “Eyes on Me”


EPISODE II: Lesson Focus

Time/Focus (MIA)
T/SS Activity
Task Description/D&D;/Safety
New Lesson Focus
Cues     Formation/Diagram     Evaluation

20 Min
T- will get students to stay were they are and just do everything they are told to do
T- will observe every single students behavior during class
T- will then begin the fitness class
T- will incorporate all these activities in his fitness lesson:

    1. Stationary walk
    2. Walk clockwise clapping hands above head
    3. Walk clockwise clapping hands behind head
    4. Walk clockwise clapping hands in front of head
    5. Walk counterclockwise on toes
    6. Walk counterclockwise on heels
    7. Walk clockwise in giant steps
    8. Walk clockwise in quick tiny steps
    9. Hop counterclockwise while changing feet every 4 hops
    10. Jump side to side going the same direction
    11. Walk clockwise backwards snapping fingers to the music
    12. Leap forward swinging arms (Clockwise)
    13. Slide step forward counterclockwise facing inward
    14. Slide step forward counterclockwise facing outwards
    15. Gallop around the circle going clockwise
    16. End of with running on the spot Get students to get a quick drink of water

      “Eyes up here”

EPISODE III: Culminating Activity/Cool Down/Assessment/Closure
Time/Focus (MIA)
T/SS Activity
Task Description/D&D;/Assessment/Wrap-up/Future lessons
Cues     Formation/Diagram     Evaluation

5 Min
Cool down

T- after getting a drink of water the teacher will ask the students to go back to the exact same place they were before they got a drink of water.
T- will get students to walk in one spot very lightly while yelling out different stretches to do
T- is doing this to prevent injuries and to get the kids to relax a little
T- will bring students in a half circle and just get some feedback about the fitness lesson.
T- will give each student a behavior grade at the end of class. Either during or after class not sure

“Bring it in”

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