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Teams answer archery questions by hitting T/F targets in this cleverly appropriate quiz game idea


P.E. & Health  


11, 12  

Title – Fun with Archery
By – Krista Gillette
Primary Subject – Physical Education
Grade Level – Grades 11-12


      Attend classes on the archery shot (previously learned the body stance, nock, draw, anchor, aim, release, and follow through)

    Also students should have been taught the history, equipment, safety, scoring, and mechanics of the shot.


      4 targets – 2 that say TRUE on the front, 2 that say FALSE

      2 Bows

      12 Arrows-6 per station

      2 Armguards

      Index cards with true and false questions on one side (related to cognitive domain)

      Blue and Green cards (10 each)

      Whiteboard/Poster board and Marker

    Quiz (evaluation)


There are 2 stations set up with a true target, a false target, a bow, 6 arrows, and an armguard. Students start about 20-25 feet away.

There is an area away from these stations that have aprox. 30 index cards laying face down. The students are split into two groups by the blue and green cards. On one side of the index card area is the blue team, on the other is the green team. Each team comes up with a team name.

On the whistle, the first person from each team will run to the cards, pick one, run back and read it out loud to their team. The team has to decide if it is true or false. The person that picked the card then runs to the stations and prepares to shoot. The station is placed away from everyone else. They shoot until they hit the correct target or they use all their arrows. Then they place their bow down and wait till the teacher tells them to retrieve their arrows. The students then comes and stands in front of the class and reads their card to the whole class and gives the answer they chose.

If the answer is correct and they hit the correct target they earn 5 points. If the answer is correct but they did not hit the correct target they earn 2 points. If they hit the correct target first, they receive 1 extra point. Then the next person on the team will do the same on the whistle. The teacher will keep tally on the whiteboard.

* If there are a lot of students make more teams and stations, so that everyone gets many chances to shoot.

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