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Gettyball is indoor softball utilizing a wrapped-up towel “wombat” and a volleyball


P.E. & Health  


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Getty Ball

By – Nicholas Nickles

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 6-12

Duration – one 40-minute period

Description: Played like softball, but instead of a wooden bat and ball, a wrapped-up towel and volleyball are used.


    * To learn a new and different ball game.

    * To have FUN.


    * To score more runs than the opposition by hitting the ball and running around the bases.


    * 5 bases

    * 1 wombat (towel rolled up in cone shape and taped w/athletic tape, beach towel works best)

    * 1 volleyball

    * 1 safety cone to mark the batter box or beginning of batting line.


    How to Play Offense:

      1. The batter:

        a. Must grip bat with both hands at very end, NO Choking Up!

        b. No bunting

        c. Batter is out if bat is thrown more than five bat lengths away from home base.

        d. Will only get four pitches in which to hit a fair ball.

        e. May get an extra pitch on a fouled fourth pitch. (optional)

      2. The runner:

        a. Is not allowed to slide for safety reasons to self and others.

        b. Cannot lead off before ball is hit.

        c. Must tag the base again on all fly balls.

        d. Is out if hit by a batted ball while off the base or running.

        e. Gets one base on any thrown ball that goes out of play.

        f. Must use the safety base to run through at first.

      3. The team:

        a. Must be behind the safety cone while player is batting.

        b. Goes to the field after three outs.

        c. Is out after scoring five runs. A team may score only five runs per inning, unless they are behind by more than five runs. In that case they can score as many runs as needed to go ahead by one. This prevents blowouts and keeps the game much more interesting and fun.

    How to Play Defense:

      1. Cannot stand on top of any base on a force out.

      2. May not use the safety base at first to get an out.

      3. Cannot block a base runner or stand in the baseline when not possessing the ball.

      4. Must tag the runner on all unforced plays.

      5. Cannot throw the ball at runner to get an out.

      6. Makes all the calls and are never wrong.

Assessment: How well did each student listen to the directions? What other ways could you play this game? Ask the students other games related to this game and play those.


Nicholas Nickles


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