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This is a golf lesson for 12th grade


P.E. & Health  



   Peter Hudecki
Golf: Unit 4, Form and 5 Iron
Grade Level: 12

Goal: Form: To show, explain, and view the basic golf swing. Explaining and establishing the critical elements of the swing, using teaching cues. These cues will help the children understand better than the technical jargon.

5 Iron: To hit a target 10 fet wide and 20 feet away using a 5 Iron, 2 out of 4 times.

Introduction: Form: “Class today we are going to do some more drills that may help you with your form. We will start off by reviewing the drills that we did last class. If you show me that you can do these drills well, we will move on to the next ones…..”

5 Iron: ” Today is going to be a day of review and refinement. First lets everyone tell me what we were working on last class. Now explain how it helped you…. Then the class will work on more refinements….”

Equipment: (5) 5 irons (1 kids), (6) cones, and 12 sponge golf balls.


Form: The students will warm up with practice swing without club, doing the knee dance, along with the arms swinging. I will speak to them about the drills we will do today while they are doing this.. (1 min) The students will then practice with a club and I will demonstrate the drills to them. The drills are listed below individually for each student. Then I will walk around and help them with their swing with positive and corrective feedback along with the teaching cues. Such examples of these teaching cues include: Keep your head up, keep your elbow straight, follow through, and etc…. (7 min) Then the students can ask me any questions and I will review what we went over. (1 min)

5 Iron: The same first minute (intro) as the form lesson started. The students will then stand next to a hitting matt and start to hit the ball. They will be trying to accomplish the goal stated in the lesson plan. I will walk around and try and observe their swing and give them cues and feedback, such as the form lesson, to help them improve their strokes. The cues may be different because of the need of refinement for the swing, so that the students can pass the skills test. (Adjusting swing) If they are having difficulty they will have to do drills that would relate to there problem. (7 min) I will then review with them and answer any questions. (1 min)


Lorrell: She needs to stop changing body levels (L to H). She also has to work on, not bringing the club back to far. She also doesn’t need to bend her knees as much.

Arty: He need to turn his club face in so that he will be able to hit the ball straight. This is working for him. He also needs to slow his club speed down.

Mike: He is doing much better now. He needs to make sure he doesn’t change his body levels.

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