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For all you Harry Potter fans, here is a Quidditch game idea


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Quidditch
By – Dawn Ingram
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-3

Use netball as a ‘quaffle’ to pass and run with.
When player loses quaffle they have to roll on their bottom as if falling off broom-stick!
Use soft squashy volleyball as ‘bludger’ to knock player off broomstick, i.e. to lose the quaffle. The player with the bludger is the ‘beater’.
Use a cone with hoop balanced on top (leaning against wall), for goals. Use badminton size court area if possible.

Same as 2v2, but have ‘keepers’ to guard hoops. 10 points for each goal.

Have specific role play…

Try a ‘seeker’ role. Place a ribbon/bib at back of game skirt to act as ‘snitch’. The team starting without the quaffle, gets to start with the snitch. If the snitch is taken — score 100 points — end of game!


Take care with contact, when players are knocked off broomstick, i.e. when bludgers hit them. Bludgers do not hurt, they are very soft, but players going down to roll on bottoms…have to raise awareness amongst pupils

Great for ks3 games.

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