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Here are two tag game ideas involving “Hawks and Eagles” and “Sharks and Sailors”


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2  



Title – Sharks and Sailors
By – Laura Fowler
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-2

Instant Activity: “Hawks and Eagles”

    Line the class up and count them off by twos, and have the ones line up facing the twos. Say that the ones are hawks and the twos are eagles. Explain and demonstrate that the teacher will call out either hawks or eagles, and if that group is called, they chase the other group to the other side and try to tag them. If someone is tagged, they have to join the other group. Each time, the groups will line up facing each other on their respective side on the line.

Culminating Activity: Sharks and Sailors

    Explain and demonstrate to the students. Tell them that one person will be the tagger, who is the “shark” (they will wear a pinney) and the other students are the “sailors” and that the hula hoops are “ships.” Explain that the ships are safe, and for safety, you only need to put one foot in it, and only 4 feet are allowed in one at once. The sailors start out inside the ships, and the shark starts out in the middle of the gym. When the teacher says “sailors swim” they have to scatter to a different ship, while practicing their chasing, dodging, and fleeing skills, with the shark trying to tag them. If they are tagged by the shark, they will put on a pinney and help the shark out. This will go on until there are only a few students left, and then a new game will start with a new shark depending on how much time is left. Point out that it is important for the students to be careful not to run into anyone or to trip on the hula hoops, and be careful when tagging others.

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