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Scooter Shopping Spree


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Scooter Shopping Spree
By – Billie Stone
Subject – Physical Education
Grade Level – 1st-5th

          6 scooters
          food model pictures (I use the ones from Dairy Council that have the food label on the back but you could use anything with the picture of the food)
          basket or bag
          paper and pencils
          food pyramid form

          Students will work on various muscle groups while “shopping” for foods to place in the appropriate food pyramid groups.

          1. Students are divided into 6 teams with each student having a pencil, paper, and food pyramid form.
          2. Each member rides on the scooter to the “store” (the basket or bag) to select foods. They can only select one item at a time.
          3. When they bring the food back to their group, each member records on their paper which food group the item belongs. Students continue to take turns shopping for 20 minutes.
          4. At the end of the time, the students check their food groups with the other students in their group.

NOTE–This is not a race-the focus is on knowing where the different foods go on the food pyramid.

SUGGESTION: Have the students in 2nd grade and older find a certain item on the food label and calculate the among their group “bought” (such as fat grams or calories). This allows them to work on their math skills as well.

The food pyramid form is just a spreadsheet with a column for each food group and room to write the foods in.

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