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Here students swim to “Healthy Island” to get items for their food pyramid


P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6  

Title – Healthy Island
By – Latifa D. Alkwuari
Primary Subject – Physical Education/Health
Grade Level – Grade 4-6


      Poster of the food pyramid

      Laminated pictures of food or plastic food items

      Diagrams of the Food Pyramid

      Scooter boards for each student

    Colored Pinnies

The “Healthy Island” will be in the center of the gym. The island is covered with laminated pictures of food or plastic food items and is guarded by the sharks.

Select two players (number depends on the class size) to be the sharks. Sharks will wear colored pinnies and each one will have a scooter.

Divide the rest of the class into four groups and assign each group to an island in the corner of the gym with a diagram of the Food Pyramid and scooters.

Within each group, children should pair up.

The object of the game is for players to “swim” on a scooter board to the center island, grab a food item, and get back without being tagged by one of the sharks.

On the signal, one student from each pair from each island will try to get a food item from the center island. If successful, the team gets to keep the food item and place it on their diagram of the Food Pyramid. They must place the food on the correct area of the food pyramid.

Review the activity, by asking the students to discuss what they enjoyed and learned about the food pyramid.

Put the groups’ diagrams of the Food Pyramid on the wall.

Players who are tagged by a shark must go back to their island and give their scooter board to their partner, without bringing back a food item. The game continues until one team has completed the food pyramid.

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