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Use this lesson to teach hockey passing and shooting skills


P.E. & Health  



Title – Hockey Passing and Shooting
By – Ryan Corcoran
Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – Grade 9
# of Students: 10

Rationale: Standard(s)

      State: 1-2

    National: 1-2-5

Lesson Objectives: After the teacher D&D;:
(objective for each of the 4 domains)

      1) The students will successfully be able to pass and shoot with a hockey stick with correct form.

        Cues in Learnable Pieces

        1. Head Up/Aim at target

        2. Follow through

      2) The students will be aware of their own personal space at all times throughout these activities.

        Cues in Learnable Pieces

        1. Head Up

        2. Sticks below the waist

      3) The student will respect each others’ differences at all times.

        Cues in Learnable Pieces

        1. Energy

        2. Participation

      4) The students will respect and cooperate with peers in a positive manner while participating in these activities.

        Cues in Learnable Pieces

        1. Energy

      2. Cooperation/participation during class activities

Performance Objective (Assessment Statement): The students will demonstrate their abilities of passing and shooting in hockey while listening to the teacher’s instructions.

Materials and Equipment Needed for this Lesson:

      1. Hockey sticks

      2. Balls

    3. Hockey nets

(Time – Task Description & Demonstration – Cues – Diagrams)


      T (teacher) – will get the students to do a couple of laps around the gymnasium to get the heart pumping.

      T – will ask the students to go to the poster and sit on the ground.

      T – will then go over the proper techniques of passing and shooting a ball with a hockey stick.

      T – will then just give a brief overview of different types of shots used in hockey.

    T – will then begin to explain the first drill of the day.

Drill #1 – Partner passing

      T – will ask the students to get a partner and line up about 10-15 feet away facing each other.

      S (students) – will then just pass a ball back and forth to each other while using the techniques taught in class.

      T – Will walk around the gym and observe/give positive feedback.
      “Follow through”
      “Aim at target”

(Time – Task Description/Demonstration/Safety – Cues – Diagrams)

Drill #2 – Passing on the move

      T-will ask the students to break up into two equal lines at the end of the gymnasium and just run all the way down to the other end passing the ball back and forth to each other.

      T- will observe and give feedback.
      T- will demonstrate how to properly shoot a ball/puck in hockey.

    T- will go over all the different types of shots but will only be teaching the wrist shot and snap shot.

Drill #3- Wall shooting

    T- will ask the students to find an area in the gym in front of a box that will be on the wall with some tape targets there. The students will be asked to practice shooting with the proper techniques against the wall with the box and targets.

(Time – Task Description/Demonstration/Safety – Cues – Diagrams)

Final Game – “Hockey Game”

      T- will divide the class into two equal teams and the students will be asked to play a hockey game for the remainder of the class.

      T- will also go over safety rules.

        – sticks below the waste at all times

        – no slap shots

      – wear goggles

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