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A lesson to teach how students can use their Bodies to Represent different Objects


P.E. & Health  


4, 5  

Title – Body Objects

By – Jennifer Dalke

Subject – PE, Other

Grade Level – 4-5

Body Objects

Learning Standards:

25.A.2b, 25.B.2, 26.A.2b, 26.B.2b,

Integrated Subjects:

Theater, Cooperation

Instructional Goals:

* Students will understand how they can use their bodies in different ways to represent different objects

* Students will demonstrate their abilities to work in cooperative groups to achieve a common goal


* Strips of construction paper (3 strips of each color)

Anticipatory Set:

1. The teacher will ask for two volunteers from the class. When the students come up, the teacher will take them aside and explain that they need to work together with her in order to use their bodies to represent an object (i.e. a table).

2. The teacher and the students will, then, ‘make’ this object with their bodies. The teacher will ask the rest of the class to guess what they are doing.

3. After they have figured it out, the teacher will explain how the body can be used to represent objects. The teacher will tell the students that they will be working with two other students to ‘make’ many objects.


1. The teacher will randomly pass out pieces of construction paper. The children should find their partners who have the same color of construction paper.

2. Each group needs to find its own space in the classroom. They should be sure that they will have enough room to position their bodies however they may need to.

3. The teacher will, then, call out different objects. The children will need to ‘make’ the objects with their partners using only silent communication. They should not use their voices at all, only their bodies.

4. The teacher can switch with different children throughout the game to give them a chance to call out different objects.

Teacher’s Role:

The teacher is there to encourage the children to use their bodies interpretively. The teacher should emphasize how to use the body in order to make the students feel less self-conscious.

Creative Question Suggestions:

1. After the activity is over, the teacher should ask how the children communicated without using their voices. What made it hard? What made it easy?

2. Did you see any of the other groups do anything that you thought was interesting or very creative?


* Some students may have trouble working together. If this occurs, the teacher should switch groups without causing a scene.

* Make sure that each group has enough space.


1. The students will be evaluated on their participation in their groups. Did they follow directions?




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