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These are the basic skills of ice skating


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Ice Skating
By – Hannah Powell
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – Basic

Basic skills curriculum

Basic 1
Sit on ice and stand up
Moving forward (basic skating)
March, then glide on two feet
Two-foot glide and dip

Basic 2
Moving backward
1/2 snowplough or full snowplough stop
Forward skating
Two-foot glide on a curve

Basic 3
Forward one-foot glide (straight line)
Two-foot jump skating forward
Forward & backward sculling
One-foot glide on a curve–inside edge (l & r)

Basic 4
One-foot glide on a curve–outside edge (l & r)
Backward skating and two-foot glide
Skating forward and turning to backward (vice-versa)
Continuous forward chassés around a circle

Basic 5
Forward crossovers in both directions Hockey stop
Backward one-foot glide
Two-foot spin (one revolution)

Basic 6
Continuous backward chassés around circle
Forward two-foot slalom
Forward outside 3-turn
Backward skating–stepping forward in both directions

Basic 7
Backward crossovers in both directions
Forward inside three-turn
Continuous forward outside curves
Continuous forward inside curves

Basic 8
Forward inside Mohawk (l & r) two backward crossovers followed by sustained
Backward outside curve for a count of 3
Two-foot change on edge on a large curve
Forward drag

Basic 9
Forward beginner cross-rolls
Bunny hop
Forward crossovers in a figure eight pattern
Two backward crossovers followed by sustained backward inside curve for a count of 3

Basic 10
Backward crossovers in a figure eight pattern
Simple step sequence
Forward arabesque/spiral on a straight line: right or left
Waltz jump (Three jump)
One foot spin: optional entry and free foot position

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