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Here is the correct way to pass a football


P.E. & Health  



Title – Passing
By – Chris Ward
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 7th
# of Students – 27

Activity (Unit): Football
Lesson: Passing

National Standards: 2,5,6
NJ Core Curriculum Standard: 2.5 Motor Skill Development

I. Performance Objectives (Affective is the primary objective)

      A. Affective – At the end the lesson on passing, the students may indicate they feel better about their passing skills through writing a brief summary and given to the teacher.
    B. Cognitive – At the end the lesson on passing, the students should be able to indicate the correct way to pass a football by answering questions on a quiz with a score of 70% or better.

II. Materials and Equipment

      A. Lesson Plan
    B. 27 footballs

III. Procedures (classes 42 minutes)

      A. Dress (a,b,c=M&I;=10)
      B. Attendance
      C. Warm-Ups – one lap around track/stretches in circle
      D. New Skill

        1. Catching

        2. Describe/Demo

          a. Pinkies together if ball below waist, thumbs if above waist

          b. Give with ball as it hits hands (bring ball into body)

          c. Keep eye on ball

        3. Practice

          a. Partners – five yards apart. One person has back to the thrower.

          As student with ball throws they yell “Ball” other person turns.

          Make five throws and switch (squads 1&2)

          b. Line up on fifty-yard line and throw ball as far as you can. (3&4)

          c. Squads one and two will switch after each student goes 2x.

      E. New Skill (A=27)

        1. Passing

        2. Describe/Demo

          a. Grip – dominant hand-fingers spread out on laces. Other hand on ball

          for protection.

          b. Ball above shoulder to side of head

          c. Stand with side to target

          d. Step with opposite foot

          e. Elbow forward, extend arm, snap wrist, follow through.

        3. Practice/Activity

          a. Partners – start five yards apart throw and catch 3x then one person take three back and repeat. Continue until my whistle.

          b. Partners stand five yards apart. How many correct passes in 30secs.

          c. Partners take turns moving while passing to a stationary partner.

          d. Partners take turns passing to a moving target.

      F. Game (will include all new skills)

        1. Hot Potato Drill –

          squads one and two form circle, squads 3&4 same. Four balls in each circle. When you throw to someone you must call out their name. Circle gets a point for catch. Then teams will go again but this time they will lose a point for every drop.

        G. Closure (M&I;=5)

          1. Reinforce cues through Q&A;

          2. Preview next class

        3. Put equipment away and dress

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