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Here’s another article, this one on “Improving Physical Education”


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Title – Improving Physical Education Article
By – Renee Dye
Subject – Physical Education
Grade Level – All

Improving the quantity and quality of physical education has been a goal of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. There is a broad agreement on the improvements that need to be made. Physical education needs to be taught more frequently by qualified instructors, students need to spend more class time being physically active, and engaged in exercise programs that promote lifetime fitness.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education did a survey of our district administrators. They were asked if they were satisfied with current elementary physical education programs, to identify factors that may influence their decisions to make improvements in programs, and were they ready to adopt programs to improve our physical education programs? The respond was unreal 72.1% was willing to participate in the survey. 81% were satisfied with children’s physical activity, while 26% were not. They all agreed that a good physical education program would decrease school violence, drug use, and tobacco use. The majority named either teacher training or teacher motivation as the most important factor in our physical education programs. They believed if we could have more qualified teacher and, motivate the teacher’s we currently employ it would greatly benefit our physical education program.

It is ironic that when cutbacks are issued it is physical education that receives the first cutbacks. This in return leads to less time in physical education, and less equipment to be used when you do have a class. So I do agree that we need more classes, better equipment, and physical education teachers.

The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, October 1996

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