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This is an integrated “Warm Up” idea using the Bridges of Portland (or perhaps other bridges)


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Integrated Warm Up – The Bridges of Portland
By – Andrea Anderson
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1-3
Integrated Warm Up Activity

Theme: The Bridges of Portland

Supplies Needed:          None, just the kids!

Objective:          Get the kids warmed up in a fun and stimulating way; bring the kids back together to move on to another activity

How it Works:          Teacher explains cue words and then demonstrates them; continues to add on new cue words until the teacher can call out all of them in a varied fashion
Teacher will question for understanding before kids do each activity: “John, what does Morrison Bridge mean?” or “Shamiqua, please demonstrate Hawthorne Bridge for us!”

Cue Words:          Morrison Bridge:          Ship’s Coming! Open the drawbridge! Sound the ship’s horn (honk honk); bend over at the waist and extend arms in front of you; slowly raise up, stretching all the way from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingertips; honk the ship’s horn again and slowly lower down; continue to raise and lower until next cue is called
(Flexibility, Stillness/Slow Movement)

          Hawthorne Bridge: – Make the sound of a bike bell (ding ding!) and bike as fast as you can across the Hawthorne Bridge; keep that bell dinging, there are a lot of other cyclists that you don’t want to hit!
(cardio, coordination)

          St. John’s Bridge: – It sure is a windy, stormy day! It isn’t a good day to be on a swaying suspension bridge! Make the sound of wind whistling (sheeee) and brace your body against the wind as you walk; keep control of your movements so you don’t fall over! (endurance, strength)

          Freemont Bridge: Replace the flags on top of the Freemont bridge by jumping up, grabbing the flags, and saying “Whew!” every time you land (it is hard to replace those flags!)
(strength, cardio)

Covered Bridge: Oregon is famous for its covered bridges. Come together in two straight rows, facing each other; extend your arms over your head and touch the fingertips of the person across from you; be very quiet, for covered bridges are often over silently moving creeks and streams (come together activity)

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