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“I see” is a very effective warm-up exercise idea


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Title – I See: A Warm-up Exercise
By – Bob Colombo
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 1-4

– Start out by having your students spread out in the gymnasium, facing you.
– You will say, “I see”.
– Your students will reply “What do you see?” (Make sure they all say this in unison; the students love this part!)
– Then the teacher will say what they see (ex. I see all students moving around the gym without touching their classmates).
– Some other examples would be I see all students: skipping, jumping, hopping on one foot, galloping, jogging, moving like their favorite animal, flying like a plane.
– A good way of ending this exercise is by saying, “I see all students quietly returning to their original spots.”
– Most students seem to really get into this exercise and it can be a very effective warm-up

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