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Student “frogs” demonstrate proper jumping and landing form in this lesson


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2  


Title – Jumping and Landing
By – Jamie
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-2

Activity: Jumping and Landing

Rationale: The purpose of this activity is to give students the opportunity to practice the skills of jumping and landing while emphasizing swinging the arms when jumping and then landing in a balanced position without falling.

Psychomotor Cues:

      Students will perform the proper form taught to them while jumping.
      1. bend knees and push off with balls of feet


      2. swing arms back…then forward


    3. land with knees slightly bent

Materials and Equipment needed: poly spots (you could use hoops or colored pieces of paper too)

Lesson Introduction:

All students find a spot on a line and sit cross-legged (Indian style). Explain that we will be working on jumping and landing. Explain why jumping is important. Give examples of when we use jumping and landing.

Steps to jumping and landing ~ must jump off on both feet, bending your legs, swinging your arms back, and then jump through the balls of your feet and then land with your knees slightly bent (demonstrate…while saying cues aloud).

Practice of Skill:

When I say go, I want everyone to stand up and stay in line…practice about 10 jumps going across the gymnasium…

DEMONSTRATE, watch how I am jumping off with both feet, swinging my arms and then landing on both feet with my knees bent.


Give feedback…How did everyone do? Did you jump off with both feet and land with your knees bent, etc.? Ask if anyone wants to demo?

When I say GO…I want anyone wearing red to WALK OVER, pick up a poly spot and find personal space, then stand on your poly spot and wait for further instructions….GO! Anyone wearing blue…GO!…etc.

Game: Don’t Jump in the Pond

Right now everyone is a FROG and has their own poly spot (we will call them lily pads).
The gym floor is the pond and you want to stay out of the pond…
When I say go we are going to SLOWLY, practice jumping and landing on poly spots. You want to remember to jump off with both feet, swing your arms for distance, land on both feet and bend your knees a little when landing or else you will fall in the pond and get all wet…
DEMO. If you understand what we are doing, RIBBIT like a frog as loud as you can…ok great!


Stress safety when moving so the students do not trip over someone or bump into others. …Keep head up, remember to jump off with both feet, swing arms, and land on both feet with knees slightly bent… and remember to stay under control.
Ready GO!
Have students freeze, change directions, speeds, levels, etc.

CONCLUSION: Have students sit down and share their experience…likes, dislikes, reflect on what students learned, etc.

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