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Jumping like Kangaroos


P.E. & Health  


PreK, K  

Title – Jumping like Kangaroos
By – Macey Winters
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – Pre-k and Kindergarten


This is primarily for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. It is both educational and physically enhancing.

Students should first be introduced to the animal: Kangaroo. Introduce the kangaroo and explore unique things about that animal, especially its ability to jump a great distance.

Then for a P.E. lesson, bring in the lesson about the kangaroo. Get a long jump mat and show the student the distance a kangaroo can actually jump, which is the greatest length of 40 feet in one jump.

Show the students this by measuring 40 feet from the starting line. Then, let each student take a turn to jump as far as they could, and see which one jumps closest to the kangaroos length. Also, compare the students’ jumps with the kangaroos.

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