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If you play kickball in school, here’s a new version called “Krazy Kickball”


P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6, 7  


Title – Krazy Kickball
By – Glenn Iserman
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 4th – 7th
Activity: “Krazy Kickball”
Location: Inside or Outside
Materials: 4 bases and a kickball
Skills: kicking, catching, throwing, running, decision-making?
OBJECTIVE: The student will play/practice the game using different rules.

“New or Changed” rules:
1) Kicker can run either towards 1st or 3rd base depending on where they kicked the ball.
2) Once you get on base, you can stay or go after the next kick.
3) More than one person can be on base obviously.
4) Since you will have people running in both directions, there are NO force outs.
5) On POP flys, runners can advance to the next base if they want.
6) Runners can keep running unless you have an out or get the pitcher the ball. Then the runners go to closest base.
7) If one person scores a run, then the next person standing in line has to run out to 1st or 3rd base without kicking. If 4 people come in and score, then 4 people standing in line have to go out. Got it? Hope so…

***Some of the reasons I love this game is it gets many more kids running and making decisions than the old game. Kids that don’t kick well might get on by having to run. (Depends on the situation?) I don’t keep score for obvious reasons and it is hard to keep track with so much going on. Give it a try… It is fast, fun, and very different!!!
***With 4th grade, don’t have students run out when someone scores. It is a little much for them. ENJOY.

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