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“Basketball Sentences” focuses on basketball skills and sentence structure


Language Arts, P.E. & Health  


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Title – Make a basketball sentence
By – April Lee
Subject – Physical Education, Language Arts
Grade Level – 1-3
Objectives: The students will demonstrate the correct dribbling and shooting techniques in basketball.
The students will also use their language arts skills to successfully make sentences out of different words.

Equipment: Cut out word cards (number depends on the sentence and how many teams). One basketball per team and at least one basketball goal per two teams.

Lesson Focus: The teacher should have laminated cut outs of different words that make specific sentences. For example, if the teacher were to use the sentence, “Drugs are bad for you.” Then each word and the period would all have a separate card. Divide the class into four groups facing a basketball goal (two teams can share one basketball goal for convenience.) Each team will have a pile of the exact cut out words next to their basketball goal. At the signal, the first person in the team’s line takes a basketball and attempts to make a goal. If he or she succeeds, then he or she is able to take one word card and place it on the team’s sentence area. Each player on the team attempts to make a basketball goal until all of his or her team’s word cards have been obtained and they have formed the correct sentence. The first team to successfully make the correct sentence wins that round.

Assessment: The teacher will evaluate good sportsmanship skills and sentence structure skills. The teacher will also assess the students’ basketball dribbling and shooting skills.

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