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Harry Potter – Quidditch


Language Arts, P.E. & Health  


3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Harry Potter – Quidditch
By – Leah Spivey
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-8 
How to play Quidditch (from the Harry Potter series) without the brooms. The way I play is that it takes five days because they start by all learning all the positions and it gradually increases in difficulty. There are seven players per team and two teams.

In the book Quidditch uses 6 nets however our gym has four basketball nets so we use those.

The seven players are:
* 3 Chasers who use a quaffle (basketball) to score points by throwing the ball back and forth to each other. Every basket is 10 points.
*1 Keeper whose job is to block the Chasers.
*2 Beaters who use bludgers and bats (foam balls and a plastic bat) to try and tag the other team members and protect their own team members.
*1 Seeker who has to catch the Golden Snitch (a bright yellow ping pong ball) to win the game. Catching the snitch gains the team 150 points.

There are 4 balls 1 Quaffle, 1 Golden Snitch, 2 Bludgers. There is also 1 bat per Beater.

The method that I used to teach the game is…
The first day is C/K where 6 people (3 per team) are Chasers and the rest are Keepers after a certain amount of time you switch off so everyone gets to do both. Play for points (10/basket). The goal is not to drop the ball but to pass it back and forth. Depending on ability i will limit the amount of walking the Chasers can do with out letting go of a ball.
The Second day is B. There are 4 Beaters (2/team) and they try to tag the other players (shoulder-waist) with the Bludger and protect their own team mates with the bat. Again switch off so all can try.
The third day is CKB. Simply out you combine days 1&2 6 Chasers, 4 Beaters, all the rest are Keepers.
Day 4 is S. 2 Seekers try to capture the Snitch. Since our snitch can’t fly. All the other children toss or pass the ball back and forth. **Do not have the other children be in teams or they could hand the ball to their Seeker.(this is a foul)
Finally Day 5 is a full Quidditch Split the class into groups of 7. Two teams picked at random will play against each all other teams are the Snitches wings and pass/toss/etc… the snitch around. The game ends when the Seeker gets the Snitch.

Fouls- if you are tagged or cheat or endanger others etc… you must walk around the outside of the court. The amount of time you must walk is determined by how serious the foul was. Being tagged is just once, the others are at the teacher’s discretion.

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