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Sinbad the Sailor teaching jumping in this movement story from Saudi Arabia


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Movement Story about Sinbad the Sailor
By – Mohammed Asim Ghazi
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 1-3

Tools used:

  • Gym floor

The aim of the lesson:

  • Physical target: Students should learn how to jump by performing the movements involved in a jump
  • Knowledge target: Students should recognize the need to be flexible
  • Emotional target: Students should develop their courage and increase their confidence levels

Warm up :

    The students run around the playground moving their arms forward and backward.


The students pantomime the following story, following the modeled movements of the teacher:

Sinbad the Sailor (salute) got on board a ship sailing from the port of Jeddah (walk in place). Suddenly, a sea storm blew (wave hands widely back and forth high in the air) and broke the ship into pieces (fall to floor gently).

Sinbad swam to the shore (hand movements while laying on stomach). He reached an abandoned island where he slept next to the Roc’s egg (mime sleeping). Sinbad didn’t know about the giant bird (stand up and flap) and its enormous egg (mime the shape of large egg with hands and arms extended).

When the Roc came (flap), Sinbad tied himself to its huge claws (put wrists together and extend arms into the air). The roc flew up, up, up to a distant place (jump up three times with hands up), where Sinbad dropped down (jump again lowering arms).

Here Sinbad met a dwarf man (crouch down, elbows on knees). They agreed that Sinbad should carry the man on his back (crouch down like before, but with elbows to the side) and the man would tell him how to escape in return. Sinbad carried the man for a long distance (stay in position, but walk in place). The man thanked him (salute) and gave him a bag of money (mime the shape) and a map to guide him along the way (march with knees high and map in hand).

This is how Sinbad survived – thanks to his courage and willingness to help people in need.

The teacher now models the proper way to jump, combining the crouching and hand reaching movements from the story.

General objectives:

  • Teaching students how to jump during the performance of a movement story.
  • Teaching students how to be flexible during the performance of a movement story.
  • Increasing the courage and confidence levels of students.
  • Integrating physical education with language arts.

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