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Here are two fun activities that integrate locomotor movements with reading, and listening skills


Language Arts, P.E. & Health  


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Title – Six Corner Locomotion / Six Corner Roll
By – Jonathan Mazurczak
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1st – 3rd

Materials: large die, music, cones

1. Six Corner Locomotion

Objectives: ability to distinguish the locomotor movements and integrate reading skills

Description: Students walk to first cone, read the word, and perform correct locomotor movement (ex. skipping, hopping, jumping, walking, running, jogging, etc.) until they get to the next cone, where they read the word and do a different locomotor movement. This continues for six different points and then continues but, this time going in the opposite direction. Students perform tasks to music to keep energy level high.

2. Six Corner Roll

Objectives: Ability to perform proper locomotor movements and incorporate listening skills.

Description: When the music starts, students will travel in activity area moving in various directions while performing a chosen locomotor skill given by teacher. Around the gym there will be six corners or stations set up, each labeled 1 – 6. When the music stops, everyone has five seconds to get to a numbered corner. When all of the students are in a corner, the teacher selects a student to roll the die. When the number of the corner is rolled, those students will perform 10 jumping jacks or any other exercise you may feel appropriate with the teacher. That number will also have a locomotor skill on it and that’s the next locomotor movement the students will be performing when the music starts again. Also encourage students to select a different number each time when the music stops to help promote more movement.

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