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Students practice throwing and catching a Frisbee, then quickly dressing up, because this is the “Late for School” game


P.E. & Health  


2, 3, 4  

Title – Frisbee Toss, Late for School!
By – Alyssa Michella
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 2-4

Purpose of Activity:

  • To practice throwing and catching a Frisbee with control.
  • In addition, this activity allows students to role-play by quickly dressing up, pretending they are late to school.

Activity Cues:

    Frisbee Tossing Cues – BACKHAND GRIP

      Fingers are curled under the disc’s rim, and the thumb is placed on top of the disc to hold it in place. The index finger may either be on the edge of the disc (to help aim), or four fingers may be tucked underneath the rim (to aid power).


    Students should have had prior experience with Frisbee throwing and catching. Also having the ability to pick up clothing and dress themselves.

Materials Needed:

    A Frisbee for each group, a pair of pants, shirt, pair of shoes, and hat for each group. Five cones set up for designated throwing areas.


  • The class will be divided into groups, preferably consisting of five students (if less than five, a student will have to repeat routine).
  • Have five cones spread out the length of the gym, equal distance between one another.
  • The group members will position themselves, one at each cone.
  • At the final cone, there will be a pile of clothing.
  • After the team has successfully thrown the Frisbee from teammate to teammate with each teammate catching the throw, the team member at the fifth cone will pick ONE piece of clothing and run to the first cone at the beginning.
  • The other members will then move up to the next cone.
  • The groups will continue this routine until all the clothes are brought back to the starting line.
  • If the Frisbee is not caught, or thrown out of control, the group must start again at the first cone.
  • After collecting all the clothes, the students will individually pretend they are late for school and quickly begin dressing themselves.
  • Each member will fully dress and run the length of the gym pretending to run to the school bus, and run back to the starting line.
  • When they have fully undressed, the next team member will go.
  • Each group will repeat this routine until each member has gone. Remembering they must change quickly and run because they are late to school!
  • First team to correctly throw their Frisbee, gather clothes, quickly dress for school, and run to the “Bus,” WINS!

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