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Here students use the shuttle run while reviewing for a spelling test


Language Arts, P.E. & Health  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Words Shuttle Run
By – Brandy K. Powell
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-5

Competency Goal:
Learner will demonstrate a competent level of physical activity, sport, and fitness literacy.


      – The student will learn the proper way to complete the shuttle run.

      – The student will learn how to spell simple words.

    – The student will learn to make a complete sentence.


      – Laminated Paper with letters on it.

    – Laminated Paper with small words on it.

Warm Up: The students will stretch their arms and legs. First will be some arm rolls, then we can reach to the sky and then drop down to touch our toes. Then some lunges both ways to stretch the legs and bend the knees. Finally we will do some jumping jacks to get the body going.

Guided Practice: All the students will copy the teacher following his/her moves. First they retouch on what the shuttle run is. First begin with one foot forward, usually the opposite side of your writing hand. At the word go they move forward at a fast walk (for demo only, at the real race they may run as fast as they want). Once the student reaches the other end where the paper lies, they must step forward reach down and stretch, grab the piece of paper and then twist, moving the weight from one foot to the next and continue running to the starting point. This is completed once all the letters are at the starting point. Once the letters are at the starting point, the student must then figure out the correct spelling word, which could be from their spelling list for the week. As soon as they think they got the word, they will flip a piece of paper that has the correct way to spell it. If they have it spelled right, they can yell out and raise their hands. The teacher will then ask the team for a sentence using the given word.

Independent Practice: The class is divided into groups of three or four. Each team is given a word (which they don’t know yet). One by one they will perform the shuttle run to the other side and retrieve one letter. Once all the letters are retrieved, they will determine the word, check its spelling, They will yell out “finish” and come up with a sentence to tell the teacher. This can be done as many times as wanted or needed (Note: The words can be switched around from team to team so that they don’t get the same word over and over again).

Closure: The children gain review for a spelling test and learn about how to complete the shuttle run. The children also learn about team work and the importance of it in this activity.

I also acknowledge that there were others who helped compiled this together.

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