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This locomotor skills lesson features one foot hopping, jumping with two feet, and balancing like a statue


P.E. & Health  


PreK, K, 1, 2  



Title – Locomotor — Hopping/Jumping
By – Jon Connelly
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – pre-K – 2
# of Students – 6

Rationale: Standard(s):

      State 1,2


    National 1,2,&5

Objectives: After the teacher D&D;, the students will: (one objective for each of the 4 domains)

      1. The student will perform components of hopping (one foot) in personal space when directed by the teacher and will be evaluated on performance, based on performance checklist.


      Cues/Learnable Piece(s)

        A). One Foot


        B.) Statue

      2. The student will respect personal space while performing skill during culminating activity and may receive peer feedback. Evaluation may take place based on a Yes or No format looking at participation and interaction with others.


      Cues/Learnable Piece(s)

        A). Participation


        B). Interaction

      3. The student will learn the necessary components in performing the “statue” throughout physical education class.


      Possible Assessment: The performer will tell partner (groups of 2) what he or she is doing (cues) and partner will record.


      Cues/Learnable Piece(s)

        A). Determine


        B). Decide

      4. The student will value the belief system incorporated by the teacher to balance like a “statue” in physical education class and may be evaluated on reflection of skill based on a take home journal entry. (Credit/No Credit for journal entries based on criteria & handed in on time)


      Cues/Learnable Piece(s)

        A). Belief System


        B). Enjoyment


      Types of Authentic Assessment Used:


      1.   (  ) Portfolio


      2.   (  ) Project


      3.   (+) Homework


      4.   (  ) Checklist/Rubric          


      5  . (  ) Peer Observation


      6.   (  ) Poster Creation/Game creation


      7.   (  ) Game observation/Rubric focus          


      8.   (  ) Journal Writing


      9.   (  ) Written exam


      10. (  ) Self Evaluation


      11. (  )Video Presentation/Evaluation


      12. (+) Other Yes/No Format


      1. 15 Cones


      2. Poly Spots


    3. Hoola Hoops

EPISODE 1: Introduction Time/Focus (MIA), Lesson Focus, Cues

      1 min (M) – The students will be dropped off by the teacher and will walk into the gymnasium and have a seat on the black line.
      5 min (I) – After I describe and demonstrate what we will be doing, the students will perform 3 different types of stations. Jump = two feet take off, two feet landing.
      8 min (A)
      1. Line up next to a gym floor line and on my command only jump over the gym line (eventually turn and jump back over).


      2. Jump In and Out of Hoola Hoops (Forward/backward)


      3. Jump Side to Side of Hoola Hoops
    Cues: Sit down, Freeze, Over Line, Forward/backward, In/Out, Side to Side

EPISODE II: Time/Focus (MIA), Lesson Focus, Cues

      2 min (M) – the students will sit down on a different black line on the other side of the gym.
      4 min (I) – I will describe and demonstrate to the class what hopping consists of. Hopping is a one-foot take off with a one-foot landing. The students will then be asked to perform a number of tasks.
      8 min (A)
      1. One knee bent ready for upward take-off.


      2. Swing arms up to make “T” for balance.


      3. Bring both tasks 7&8 together.


      4. Balance on dominant foot, dominant knee bent.


      5. Balance on non-dominant foot, non-dominant knee bent


      6. Balance on either foot, opposite leg straight


      7. Hop in place on dominant foot


      8. Hop in place on opposite foot


      9. Hop in place for height
    Cues: Freeze, Sit Down, Take Off, Airplane, Knee bent, T, Statue, Knee bent, Opposite, Hop, Dominant, Opposite, Height          

EPISODE III: Culminating Activity/Cool Down/Assessment/Closure Time/Focus (MIA)

      2 min (M) – The students will sit down on a different black line on the other side of the gym.
      2 min (I) – The students will be asked to stand up in front of teacher after I describe and demonstrate what we will do next.
      5 min (A)
      1. Balance for time (Approx. 30 seconds).


      2. Balance with eyes closed for time (Approx. 30 seconds).


      3. Hop for height with eyes closed.


      4. Traveling while hopping in personal space left, then right.


      5. Traveling while hopping for distance to beat personal best distance.
      1 min (M)- The students will freeze and then sit down where there. One at a time I will have the students bring equipment over to me. After everyone has finished picking up equipment they will line up at the door quietly, ready to go to class.


Psychomotor Assessment Checklist: Yes No

      1. The student successfully balanced like a statue.


      (Arms out in T formation, balance on one leg)


      2. The student successfully hopped using one foot, not


      two, throughout the class time.


      3. The student successfully performed the “Jump,” with


      two foot take off and a two foot landing


      4. The student used equipment correctly, only for its


    correct use during this particular lesson.

3/4 or 4/4 = Full Credit for day
2/4 = Half Credit for the day
0/4 or 1/4 = No Credit for day

Cues: Freeze, Sit Down, One Foot, Statue, Balance, Eyes, Closed, Height, Left, Right, Distance, Quiet

Student success rate: 80%

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