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This is a physically low level activity that also uses colors and shapes


P.E. & Health  


PreK, K, 1  

Title – Colors and shapes

By – Jacqueline D’Orazio

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – PK-1

Instant Activity: For working at a low levels

Materials: Various cutouts of different shapes and colors, such as squares, circles, rectangles that are various colors. (If you laminate the shapes, they will last longer for future classes.)
Also, 4 hula hoops or something the children can place the cutouts in that are at a low level. It also helps if you can coordinate the colors of the hoops and the colors you use for the shapes.

Before the students arrive, set out the 4 hula hoops or other objects you chose, in the 4 corners of the instruction area. Also, scatter the shapes all around the area. Make sure they are spread out as much as possible and the same colors are not all in the same area.

Instruction: Instruct the students that they are to pick up the shapes and place them in the correct hula hoop based on their color. Red shapes go in the red hoop, etc. They may only pick up one shape at a time and bring it to the hula hoop. Then they must go find another color to put in a different hoop. The key to this is that the students must be working at a low level. For example, they must crawl to retrieve the shapes and crawl to put them in a hoop.

You can extend this activity by challenging the group to see how long it will take them to work at a low level and place all the shapes in the hoops.

Safety: Make sure the students are aware of the safety that goes along with crawling on the ground. Remind them to keep their heads up so they do not crash into anyone else.

*You can also use this activity to see how well children share with one another. You can assess them on the social domain and how well they are willing to share and cooperate with others.


Jacqueline D’Orazio


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