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This “Bob the Builder” warm-up activity integrates math with a cardiovascular workout


Math, P.E. & Health  


PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – “Bob the Builder” Warm-up Activity
By – Maria Beyrer
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – PK – 2


    Warm-up activity with math integration and cardiovascular work out.


    NYS Standard 1 – Personal Health and Fitness


  • Cones
  • CD player
  • CD with “Bob the Builder” music


  • Cones are placed randomly around the playing area of the gym.
  • Two teams are formed. One team is called “Bob the Builder”, the other team is named the “Bulldozers”.
  • When the music starts, the Bulldozers knock down as many cones as they can using only their open hand (no kicking). At the same time, the Bob the Builders have to pick up the cones that are being knocked down. Students may not kick the cones and students also have to stop when the music stops or their team is penalized.
  • When the music stops, they must stop playing and return to their group. Whichever team has the most cones up or down wins.
  • The teams then change positions and we do it again.

Math Connection:

  • Before we actually count the cones, we ask the students to estimate or guess which team won. Are there more up? (Bobs will win). Are there more down? (Bulldozers win).
  • After they have made their estimates, we count the actually number of cones up or down and find the winner.

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