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A PE Kick Ball idea to be used with Math concepts


Math, P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6  

Title – Mathematical Kick/Punch Ball
By – Sue Wyman
Subject – Math, PE
Grade Level – 4-6

There are 4 bases taped to floor and a home plate. Students punch or kick a ball. Fielders immediately get the ball to pitcher. When pitcher has ball runners must stop. Teacher approaches base where runner has stopped and flashes a multiplication fact card to both the runner and say the 3rd baseman. If the runner beats the third baseman with the correct response the runner stays, if the 3rd baseman is first to answer correctly, the runner is out. Make base people change. Everyone bats per inning and you keep track of runs scored. You can also use addition/subtraction facts or division etc. Even spelling words if you want to integrate into English class. More bases can be added in large area, less in smaller.

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