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Throwing and counting are the skills practiced in this Oscar’s Garbage Can game


Math, P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Oscar’s Garbage Can
By – John Butler
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – K-3

National Standard 1, 2
NJ Core Curriculum Standard 2.5

I. Performance Objectives

      A. Psychomotor — During the Oscar’s Garbage Can lesson, students will perform their throwing skills with opposition. They will assess themselves with a psychomotor self checklist
    B. Cognitive — During the Oscar’s Garbage Can lesson, students should display good understanding of math skills by counting the fleece balls at the end of every heat. The students will be assessing each other by making sure everyone is counting along with the teacher.

II. Material or Equipment

      A. Lesson Plan

      B. Whistle

      C. Watch

      D. 40 fleece balls

    E. Mats

III. Diverse Students:

    a. Hearing Impaired Students: If students are hearing impaired the teacher will use hand signals throughout the game. These hand signals will be pre-determined by the teacher and the students needing to use them.

IV. Procedure:

A. Introduction: 2 minutes
    1. Today we will be playing Oscar’s Garbage Can. It’s a very fun game, but you are going to need to follow my directions and be good teammates to your peers.
B. Warm ups 5 minutes
      1. Arm Circles

      2. Biceps stretch across body

      3. Quadriceps stretch

      4. Toe touches

      5. Jumping jacks (10)

    6. Roman soldiers (20)
C. Explanation and Demonstration of Game 3 minutes
      1. This game is all about teamwork. Each of you is part of a team, which is your squad.

      2. Mats will be set up in the center of the gymnasium floor for each team to defend.

      3. Each team will have 2 minutes inside of the mat area which is Oscar’s Garbage Can.

      4. The object of the game is to get as many fleece balls into Oscar’s Garbage Can if you are on the outside, and for the team inside to keep as many fleece balls as they can out of the mat area.

      5. Be sure and use opposition when throwing, which we know means stepping with the opposite foot.

      6. Once the whistle is blown, students should freeze and stop playing to receive instructions from the teacher. The class will count the amount of fleece balls inside and outside of the mat area. This will determine which team did the best, whichever team has the least amount of fleece balls in their garbage.

      7. The team inside of the garbage can will come out and the next squad will go in.
D. Safety issues 2 minutes
      1. The main safety issue of this game boys and girls is making sure we do not aim for another player’s heads with the fleece balls. We are not trying to hurt anyone by hitting them in the face.

      2. Another safety issues is to make sure you are not colliding with your teammates. Be aware of where your teammates are positioned and keep your eyes up at all times

      Transition: Split students up into squads and position them for the game. Put squad #1 inside of the mat area and all of the other squads on the outside. Spread out fleece balls and start the activity.
E. Game 20-30 minutes
      1. The whistle will start the game which will be continuous for 2 minute heats. If there are any issues that I feel must be addressed my whistle will temporarily stop game play so I may address those issues. Then game play will continue for about 20 minutes, switching teams every two minutes.

      2. If there is any confusion on the rules of the game, they will be addressed throughout game play.
F. Closure 2 minutes
    1. Very nice job today boys and girls, you moved around well and displayed excellent team work. Remember to release the ball at its highest point and step with your opposite foot. Can you all return one fleece ball to the crate and line up quietly please? Have a great day boys and girls.

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