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Your little minnows dodge “The Net” in this locomotor movement game


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2  

Title – The Net!!! (Dodging Game)
By – Christine Couvutsakis
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-2

Teacher can explain that all the students are going to be minnows (little fish found in shallow water). Minnows are going to try to swim through the “net”. The “net” will be a designated area between two lines in the middle of the gym.

Teacher will pick two students to be the “net” to begin the game. The minnows will line up against one wall of the gym and try to reach the other side of the gym performing a designated locomotor movement. The students that are the “net” will try to tag the minnows when they are within the “net zone” of the gym. If a minnow gets tagged by the net, they become part of the net too!

To make sure the main focus of the game remains dodging, any student who is part of the net cannot move (both feet are stuck in the mud!!!), therefore other students are dodging them. The students who are part of the “net” can only tag the minnows by stretching out their arms. The minnows who are unsuccessfully dodging the net will get caught.

Teacher should stress safety rules; you can only tag a minnow from the shoulders to the waist nicely. If a student gets tagged anywhere else then they automatically make it through the net safely that round. When everyone becomes part of the net, teacher can restart the game changing the locomotor movement.

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