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These physical fitness tests measure curl-ups per minute, sit & reach distance, total push-ups, running endurance and BMI


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Physical Fitness Tests By – Mohammed Asim Ghazi
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – Grades 2-6

Tools used:

  • stopwatch
  • gymnastics mat
  • cones
  • measuring tape

First test: CURL-UPSEquipment Needed:

  • mat
  • stopwatch


  • Lie on back with arms crossed over the chest, hands on opposite shoulders or with hands clasped together behind head, shoulders forward
  • The knees are bent; feet are together, about 12 inches from the buttocks.
  • Another student holds the ankles for stability.
  • On the command to begin, “curl up” to a sitting position until the forearms touch the thighs, then return to the mat so the shoulder blades touch the mat.
  • This is one complete curl-up.
  • Resting is permitted. Bouncing off the floor is not permitted.

Time Limit:

    one minute

Second test: SIT AND REACH Equipment Needed:

  • mat
  • measuring tape


  • The student sits stretching his legs as the “V” letter on the mat.
  • He stretches his hand forward to the greatest extent while the teacher measures the distance from the beginning of the stretch position to the longest point reached

. Recording Format:

    Length reached on 4th reach in inches.

Third test: PUSH-UPSEquipment Needed:

  • mat
  • timer, drums, or hand clap


  • Lie face down on the mat, elbows bent and palms on the floor with thumbs shoulder distance apart.
  • On the command to begin, push the body up until the elbows are fully extended.
  • Lower the body until there is a 90 degrees angle at the elbows, upper arms parallel to the floor.
  • Push-ups are done to a steady beat, with one complete push-up every three seconds.
  • Continue until student can do no more in rhythm (at least three beats).

Recording Format:

  • Number of 90 degree angle push-ups completed.
  • One complete push-up in three seconds is counted as 4 push-ups.

Fourth test: BODY MASS INDEXES (B.M.I.)

    (See Chart Below)

Equipment Needed:

  • scale
  • measuring tape or stick
  • BMI formula or BMI calculator (available on the internet)
  • BMI Chart for Children (also available on the internet)


  • Using the student’s height in meters and weight in kilograms, convert to BMI using a table or the following formula: BMI


        [measured in kilograms]






      [measured in Meters then squared]

Recording Format:

      BMI in kilograms/(meters)

2 Body Mass Index:

    Use age to calculate if the child is over or underweight (use BMI Chart for Children)

FIFTH test: ENDURANCEPlease, note:

  • prior training is required
  • create specific and appropriate distances for each grade group

Equipment Needed:

  • stopwatch
  • measured course


  • A course is covered within specific time.
  • Participants are not disqualified for walking, but should be encouraged to run.

Endurance Run:

    Distance in minutes/seconds

Sit & Reach
Total #
Height/(Weight) 2 =BMI


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