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This musical chairs type of game improves student’s dribbling skills


P.E. & Health  


3, 4  

Title – Musical Dribbling
By – Charles E. Downing
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 3-4
Name Title: Musical Dribbling

Objectives: The purpose of this lesson/game is to improve hand dribbling skills and to incorporate travel/stop during movement.

Prerequisites: Previous hand dribbling skills (e.g. pads, push, waist high, head up, ball to side).

Materials needed: Floor rings or polyspots, playground ball or basketballs (1 per student), music (radio or CD player).

Description of Idea:

      First review past lesson of dribbling cues (pads, push, waist high, head up, ball to side). Then, describe and demonstrate the lesson/game with a student as follows;
      With each student holding a bounceable ball in their space around the gym, scatter floor rings or polyspots throughout the gym (2 less than the amount of students, ex. for 20 students start with 18 rings or spots). Allow the students to begin hand dribbling around the gym upon the signal (music). Cues: remember to push with your finger pads, waist high, keep your head up and ball to the side. When the teacher pauses the music, each student must dribble to a ring or spot and place the ball between their feet and place their hands on their head. Because there are two rings/spots less than students, those two students who didn’t get to a ring/spot must move to a designated area of the gym and continue to practice hand dribbling or practice the bounce pass/chest pass. The lesson/game will continue with the removal of two more rings/spots and the music begins. Music should be played for 20-40 seconds each time. Continue until there are two students remaining.
      Assessment Ideas:
      Each student will self-assess their proficiency with hand dribbling, following cues (pads, push, waist high, head up, ball to side), travel/stop, using a check list provided by the teacher.

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