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The purpose of this obstacle course activity is to perfect student movement with a variety of different equipment


P.E. & Health  


6, 7, 8  

Title – MVP Fitness
By – Frank Schultheis
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 6-8

Purpose of Activity:

    The purpose of this activity is to reinforce the utilization of different equipment and to perfect student movement with the equipment.

Materials Needed:

  • baseball gloves
  • baseballs
  • footballs
  • soccer balls
  • lacrosse sticks
  • tennis balls
  • cones
  • horn

Description of Idea:

      Students should have at least a background on how each piece of equipment is used and a general idea on how to properly move with the equipment.
      Students will join up in groups of four. Each group will be given several different pieces of equipment as well as a stack of cones. Groups will come up with obstacle courses utilizing each piece of equipment and a pathway of cones for the students to follow. Students will create obstacles under the impression that they will be performing in their own course. Have the students in stead rotate and perform in the next group’s course.
    The students will begin at the same time and finish the course helping one another as well as finishing together. Once the group finishes together, they must move to the next course. If the group in front has not completed the course they must take a 10 second time out and wait to join back in. The group that can move the fastest through the courses and send the most teams into timeout wins.

Assessment Ideas:

      During the activity time the teacher will have ample opportunities to assess student’s abilities to move and utilize equipment. The groups of four can be broken down into smaller groups allowing for more class participation if needed.
    Activities concentrating on many different movement concepts allows each student an opportunity to grasp a new sport possibly in their readiness period while enjoying a cardio workout.

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