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Use this “Open Day Template” as a roadmap to a great Spring Field Day


P.E. & Health  


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Title – The Open Day in Spring
By – Mohammed Asim
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 1-6

This is an activity template for a school’s Open Day – an educational program that aims to promote the values and the approaches of physical education.

Suggested Themes and Slogans:

  • Playing in the Fresh Air
  • Run, Play and Throw between the Flowers
  • Play and Learn
  • We all Participate
  • Learn through Fun
  • Spring into Education

Suggested Programs and Activities:

  • Small Preliminary Games
    • The Wands and the Balls
    • Bobbing for Hanging Apples
    • Sport Stacking
    • Moving Balls Around Cones Races
    • Jump Roping
    • Balloon Race
    • Beach Ball, etc.
  • Sports League Competitions
    • Soccer
    • Handball
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball, etc.
  • Swimming League Races and competition in swimming styles
  • Note: All competitions with be supported by prizes.

Materials Used:

  • cones
  • balls
  • ropes
  • hoops
  • wands
  • apples
  • cups
  • balloons
  • prizes
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