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This is a lesson on careers involving the respiratory system


P.E. & Health  


7, 8, 9  

Title – Careers Involving the Respiratory System
By – Matt Conrad
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 7-9

Performance Objectives:


      • The student will be able to identify careers related to the respiratory system
      • The student will be able to identify the parts most relevant to the job


    • The student will be able to raise their hands when they wish to contribute to the conversation
    • The student will stay on task while working in groups of four

Instructional Input:

      The teacher will:

      • Introduce lesson topic
      • Lead Socratic discussion and write students’ answers on board
      • Check for student comprehension at conclusion of presentation by calling on random students and asking them for answers that they came up with while working in groups

    The student will:

    • Participate in lecture by taking notes
    • Participate in discussion by reading notes from board to class and volunteering answers
    • Be respectful to classmates and instructor
    • Answer questions when called upon by instructor


  • Teacher introduction of lesson
  • Discussion
    • Students will list three careers they are interested in
    • Students will volunteer answers by raising their hand and instructor will call on the students
    • Students, in groups of four, will pick their top two career choices that involve the respiratory system
    • Students will again volunteer answers from their respective groups
    • Groups will be given a designated career (cyclist, singer, broadcaster, politician, boxer, musician)
  • Extension:
    • Teacher will ask follow-up questions to the discussion to encompass parts of the respiratory system that the students were not able to come up with on their own (example: Lance Armstrong and blood doping)

Differentiated Instruction:

  • Students who have trouble seeing the notes will sit in the front of the class
  • Students who seem disinterested will be called upon by instructor to volunteer their answers or read notes

Closure & Assessment:

  • Students will be called upon to answer specific questions related to the discussion

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