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This lesson provides throwing instruction and related games


P.E. & Health  



Title – Throwing and Fun
By – Brian Hoffman
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 4th
# of Students – 22

National Standard 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
NJ Core Curriculum Standard 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 2.6

I. Instructional Objectives

      A. Psychomotor — At the end of the lesson students should be able to perform the cues of stepping in opposition and arm back to be evaluated by a partner checklist.

      B. Cognitive — At the end of the throwing unit students should be able to know when a toss (accuracy) and an overhand throw (power) is appropriate to be checked at the end of the marking period with a test that 80% must pass.

      C. Affective — At the end of the lesson the students should have a better feeling of success and self pride in how they performed to be displayed by a thumb up or thumb down at the end of class.

    D. Social — At the end of the lesson the students should be more willing to work in partner groups and evaluate each other.

II. Materials and Equipment

      A. Lesson Plan

      B. Whistle

      C. A ball suspended from a string (I will provide)

      D. Yarn balls (25)

    E. Pinnies (12-14)

III. Procedure – (Approximate Time – MIA)

      A. Introduction

        (Students walk in and sit in their squad lines, take role.)

        “Ok class today we are going to work on our throwing. As you can see, there are a lot of yarn balls around the gym. Today we are going to see how well some of you can throw. But first, I’d like you to run around the cones I have set out in a counter-clockwise fashion for warm-ups. What are we doing?”

        (Ask a student to repeat how they are running.)

        (4-5 M)

      B. Warm-Ups

        2 minute running around the 4 cones in the corners of the gym

        (Back to squad lines and spread back to give space)

        Stretch torso with bends.

        Stretch arms well since they will be used for the bounce pass. Triceps, shoulders (Deltoids) and Upper back.

        Stretch Neck to front back and sides.

        Ask them to please sit down to stretch the lower body.

        Stretch hamstrings in a straddle.

        Stretch Quadriceps on the student’s sides

                   10 sit ups

                   5 push ups

        Have the lines come back to their normal squad formation so they can get their further instructions.

        (5-10 A)

      C. Challenges (4 – I/M)

        Say, “Nice work on the warm up. We are going to work with partners today so think about who you might like to work with. Now once you are with your partner you will get a yarn ball. I will have you spread yourselves out along the outside of the gym and we are going to practice a few throws throwing into the wall. As the partner each of you will be getting a sheet which will have the important parts of a throw on it. You will watch to see if your partner does those things. If they do, you can check of the line next to it. If they don’t, let them know and explain what they should change so that they can do it correctly. After some time you will switch and the other partner will check the sheet off. This is what your partner will be looking for. Do they step with their opposite foot? Do they bring their arm back? Do they follow through? Please remember to remind your partners of these three things and help them accomplish all of them. They will help us all be better throwers. I’d like each of you to get a partner and find some personal space around the outside of the gym, I will come hand you a yarn ball and a sheet for the two of you. (5-10 – A)

        As the students are working together I would be going around and instructing the partner how to help critic their partner and encouraging good play and good attitudes. (I/M)

      D. Game

        1st game (2 – M)
        Blow whistle and ask the students to place their yarn ball on the ground. Ask half the students to go on one side and the other half on the other side of the gym. Tell the students they will be using the ball suspended from the basketball hoops. One team will be trying to throw their yarn ball into the beach ball suspended on the rope and knock it to the far side of the gym and the other team will be trying to do it the same but going the other direction.

        (10-12 – A)
        2nd Game (2 – M)
        Blow the whistle. Say, “Please come to the basketball paint. I’m going to set up out next game.” Put folded mats in the middle standing on their sides as barriers. Place a cone on each side with a different colored pinny in each cone as a flag. “Ok, I’m going to hand one team pinnies to wear so you know who is on your team. The object of this game is to capture the other team’s flag. You can use your yarn ball to hit other players. If you are hit you need to return to your base and touch it so that you are able to play again, no one needs to sit out if they get hit. If you make it into the base and get the flag you have to bring it to your base to win. If you get hit on the way back to your base you need to drop the flag and it goes back in the team’s base that it was taken from. You may not hide the flag under your shirt or crumpled in your hand. Does everyone understand the rules? Ok what are we going to do? (Ask two other students what the class is about to do)

      E. Closure

      Say, “I’m very happy with the way you performed for your partner today. I saw a lot of you throwing well. And the games looked like everyone was having a fun time. How did today’s class make you feel? Can you give me a thumb up or thumb down? Thank you class. Ok when I say so please line up at the door for your teacher because she is waiting for us.

IV. References: My own creation.

V. Did the class do as I asked of them? Safely?

      Did ~80% work well with their partner?

      Did ~80% use the sheet to critic their partner?

      Did the class have a good time with the games?

      Did the students use correct throwing technique after working with their partner?

    Did the whistle cues work well?

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