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These activities give students passing and kicking practice with a standard playground ball


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3  


Title – Passing/Ball Skills
By – Aliese
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-3

LESSON: Passing with hands and feet CORE OBJECTIVES (1st Grade):

      0104-Explore and experience locomotor motor movements


      0207-Sustain a variety of locomotor movements going forward, backward, and sideward.


      0301-Participate in a variety of activities requiring cooperation.


      0302-Listen to and follow simple directions


    0401-Catch and kick playground balls.

RATIONALE: Allow students to become more familiar with passing and kicking a medium-sized playground ball.

CONTENT: For kicking, students will stand in a large circle and softly kick the ball to another student in the circle. The object is not allowing the ball to get above the knee level and not to roll outside of the circle. For passing, the students will pass the ball over their heads and under their legs. To make this activity more competitive, two teams could be formed to race and see which one can get the ball to the back of the line the fastest.


  • Have students hold hands in a circle and pull it out as large as possible. Then, demonstrate the desired kicking technique in the center for all to see.
  • Allow the students to kick the ball freely making sure everyone gets a turn. Also, tell the students the ball should not leave the circle or rise above knee level.
  • Transition to passing by placing students in two parallel lines. Explain the passing procedures of over the head and then under the legs (this may take some time getting used to).
  • Allow the students to play with the idea for awhile and then, if time allows, a race can be held allowing the students more competition.

CONCLUSION: Tell the students about your feelings on how the activity went and then allow for a teaser for the next PE activity which could be a game utilizing one of the skills.

ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR EVALUATION OF STUDENTS: To assess the students, just watch their movements carefully. Some will need more personal instruction when kicking the ball than others. The students understanding of the technique also shows on their faces when they notice the ball went where they had intended for it to go.

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