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Here children learn how to make a healthy peanut butter snack


P.E. & Health  



Title – Peanut Butter Summer Snack
By – Dalia
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – PreK


    Food / Seasonal

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills Standards:

    115.2.b – K.1.B Identify types of foods that are good to help the body grow such as healthy breakfast foods and snacks.

Objective (purpose):

    Given the ingredients from a recipe, the student must identify the type of food such as fruit that makes the snack healthy.


  • “Today we will be making a snack to eat. You have to follow along with me, okay?
  • Each group will have three people, one is going to mix everything and the other people are in charge of putting the ingredients in the bowl.”


  • Have all ingredients pre-measured and ready in containers on each group table.
  • Divide the students into groups of three. Remind them that they must follow along with you, so they have to listen.

Method of Explanation:

  1. “One of the students can put in the honey and peanut butter in the bowl with a spoon.
  2. Another person can stir all that up.
  3. Another person can put in raisins and oatmeal and mix again.
  4. When everything is mixed, each one of you can take an apple wedge, and with a spoon, put some on the apple and enjoy!”

Learning Activities/Reinforcement and Individual Assessment:

  • Walk around and make sure that everyone is doing it right and working together.


  • What healthy fruit did we eat today?
  • Is peanut butter a fruit?


  • Students must learn to make healthy snacks.
  • Students will learn that it is important to work together and have fun

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