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Personal Hygiene


P.E. & Health  



By – Robin Sumner



  • Students will recognize the importance of personal hygiene and grooming
  • Students will use problem-solving skills to make healthy choices



  • NC Standard Course of Study – Guidance Curriculum Competencies:
    • 009.03 – Use problem-solving and decision-making skills to make safe and healthy choices



  • Slip of paper for each student
  • Whiteboard and marker


Activities and Procedures:

  1. Give each student a slip of paper.
  2. Ask students to write his/her favorite actress/actor. It can be anyone from TV or movies, but they must be a “real” person (no cartoon characters).
  3. Collect the papers and read the choices aloud.
  4. Tell the students that one thing these people have in common is that they are attractive people.
  5. Ask students if an attractive appearance simply “happens” or whether they have to work at it.
  6. Ask students what personal hygiene is. List the examples they give on the board. List should include: shower/bath, clean clothes, brush teeth, deodorant, etc.
  7. Go back over the list one-by-one. Let students’ problem-solve how each should be done.
  8. End by telling students that some parents will remind you to do these things everyday from now on until you are 18, others won’t. Remind the students that they are old enough to take care of these things themselves.



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