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These are physical fitness tests


P.E. & Health  


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Title – Physical Education Fitness Tests

By – Mohammed Asim Ghazi

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 4-12

Physical Education Fitness Test Objectives:

  • Physical Objective: students perform the physical education tests perfectly.
  • Skills objective: students perform the tests for gym sports skills perfectly.
  • Emotional objective: students demonstrate aspects of discipline.

Skills Tests Goals:

  • To stand upside-down on your hands
  • To remain upside-down for a count
  • To jump with open legs over the pommel horse

Physical Education Fitness Tests:

  • The Test of Ability (long jump – form, steadiness)
  • Flexibility Test (long sitting position in front of the box, bending the waist down forward to furthest position possible)
  • Strength Test (lie down with feet up 50 cm, exchange, bending the arms)
  • Speed test (running 50 m in the shortest time possible)

Physical Education Tests for Skill Fitness:

  • To perform forward and backward roll
  • To land in crossbow and upside-down position
  • To jump with open legs over the pommel horse

Emotional Fitness/Discipline Test:

  • The student focuses on the sport and wears their uniform.
  • The student walks into and out of the gym calmly.
  • The student follows the rules of security and safety.


Mohammed Asim Ghazi


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